Notes & Experiences with Sahaja Yoga Meditation

“The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing”


Greek Philosopher, 400 B.C/

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My Journey to Hell and back – Story of a seeker’s redemption from substance abuse & black magic

“And so we realize that human beings have to be transformed and have to enter into a higher state of awareness, through inner transformation. This has to be the last breakthrough of our evolution, which is a living process”. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 13 September 1989, London The power of transformation through Sahaja Yoga is enormous once one gets his / her self-realisation. The extent of one’s surrender to the divine…

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The darkness just disappeared – Experience of T.Xing, a Chinese American, with Sahaja Yoga

I am from China and currently live in the USA. My life before Sahaja Yoga was quite struggling. To begin with, I didn’t have a healthy family to grow up. My mom was abusive both physically and verbally. The unhappy childhood I had extended to my later life as well, including my married life. I was always quite good in school though and I hold a Ph.D. degree in mathematics. From…

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Sahaj Yoga- The River of Contentment

Warning: A bit of longish read, but spiritual journeys can last lifetimes, and this post just covers a decade. Of late I heard about the ‘knowledge’ being spread by people ‘committed’ to anti sahaja yoga. And it came to me as a surprise – can we be anti-spirit and anti-soul? Can we be anti-something which recognizes Jesus, Prophet Mohammed and Lord Krishna all as a manifestation of divine will. Nevertheless I…

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